May 5

Databases not working on mobile!

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Edited: May 5

Hi all,

My databases are not working on mobile only. They all work perfectly on desktop, but repeaters will not display on mobile and database entries will not save on mobile.

Any ideas why this is happening? Just started recently

Update: It goes in and out of working! SO, this leads me to believe its a wix side issue, anyone else having this issue?

May 6

anneynorton7, please add site URL and page with issue to investigate.

Oct 20

This is happening to me as well and I do not see a response from Corvid or Wix for you here. Did you end up figuring it out and, if so, can you tell me how you made it work? Thanks, Amber

Oct 21

Amber Wynen, please add site URL to review.

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