Apr 2, 2019

There was once a dream...

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Edited: Apr 2, 2019

Hey guys welcome to the Forum. I need suggestions on what sub threads should we have.

Apr 4, 2019

General info - the random chatter

Events - we should list every event for 40k, AoS, wm, whatever other system Ardkore supports here. Events doesn't have to be Ardkore affiliated. Ideally it will becomea hub for all events in the local area and in time the website can draw traffic because it's the source of events. was a pretty big website that drew it's traffic primarily because it's a hub of all event activities in the UK (before the AoS/9th age split and both game system establishing their own event website).

We need to encourage TO to put up events here with their event packs.

The annual Ardkore event should have its own thread here together with event pack and details on accomodation arrangement, logistics


This should be where people can query the judges directly. Rules clarified here will then be cannon to Ardkore events

May 5, 2019

Agreed, there’s not a lot of info regarding these ardkore events anywhere else. Try to keep players engaged with regular updates!

May 6, 2019Edited: May 6, 2019

Hey Lawrence, To be honest everyone is bit busy with their individual tasks. The venue, for ITC 40k we have listed the points, rules, and duration. It does take a bit of time to get things done we are more of an extension of each person hobby and capacity than a true job. All our updates are on our home tab as well as on our facebook.

May 6, 2019

Oh definitely, I organize a few small community events at my local club and even that can be a load of work. This website is already a great resource and I just found the Facebook page earlier today which seems to be more active.

There’s a growing interest in ITC events and 40K in general among the players in China, which is where I first heard about the ARDKORE Open. The thing is with website restrictions in the mainland it’s always a dice roll if we’re able to access Facebook, so we direct anyone that’s interested in joining events to the actual website for more information (such as this).

Keep up the good work!

May 6, 2019

hey lancehq,

Great suggestions - let me clarify some stuff tho, we do list the events we support here under the events tab, info for each event is there as well. Some are incomplete due to some teams still working on the rule packs. When they do complete them we do announce it on FB and on the home page as how we did for AOS. On other events outside Ardkore. We do try to ask others to put it up here, but there is reluctance on some to do so. We are open to anyone who wants to share their event to put it on this website. the annual ardkore event is on the events tab.

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